What are the things that make us human?

The things that make us human is humanity, which we have forgotten.

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Let me explain. As for me we humans were made as the most smartest creature. But as we evolved we did what shouldn’t have been done. Otherwise what a life on earth would have been..!!

#1. We have emotions so that we can understand the feelings and pain of others. We don’t have time for that now. Instead we use it as a weapon now to hurt others or sometimes even let it overtake us and hurt ourselves.


#2. We have brain, which make us different from other creatures. We use it in negative sense which makes us worst.


#3. We aren’t humans now. We have just became a creature who has everything, but still has nothing.

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It may go a little philosophical. But it’s ironic enough we don’t realise it.

Also it is not about the body or appearance. It’s the inner self which makes us human. Completely. Yes, it can go with the little bit more behavioural thing.

It is by helping others within our reach. We get to know what we are then. Do small things like donating blood, old age homes, planting trees etc. I tell you that you will feel better everytime you do it.
Our mind agitates to help others but if we yearn to do so I believe that we shall be better called humans.
Love people as much as possible with no expectations. You will get it back. In my case when I joined my course of MBBS I was to stay with batch mates from various states of the country. I used to get irritated as they talked with those from their own place In their own language giving least importance to others. But I managed to talk to them and now join their parties as I respected their ideas.. I often correct their views and get corrected by them with no malice between us.
Anything you feel good and wanted to do, never fear to do. Be confident and take pride in yourself for have done such a good act as I feel there are many fearing to do that act.
Reminisce the acts that have caused happiness to others. You shall be self motivated to do good and be good.
However good we are we have to timely.

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