A twin flame union, is a connection that is established on a higher level. Two souls enmeshed together, becoming the full embodiment of universal love, a universal consciousness. This spiritual bond is formed between two people energetically, through a kind of quantum entanglement and once formed, is unbreakable.heart chakra
Upon the initial meeting, it will feel like a shooting star, screaming at the speed of light through your chakras. You quite literally feel as though your heart will explode with love and affection for this person. Overwhelming to say the least, and you can’t seem to get a grasp on yourself. You’ve lost all rational thought, as well as the ability to make sound decisions.

A feeling of familiarity is immediately apparent upon meeting your twin, as if looking at yourself in a mirror and seeing your own soul.

Once the union is fotwin flame1rmed it is explosive, accelerating each others DNA– your DNA, catapulting the pair onto the path of ascension. The energies are resonating so high into euphoric bliss that you feel as though you can fly through the universe, without wings. A true taste of heaven on earth, not like anything you have experienced in your entire life. The mind cannot keep hold on the experience “It couldn’t be real, this must not be real” you think to yourself.

Why? Because you believe this kind of happiness doesn’t exist here, on this heavy, brittle, low vibrational frequency plane of existence.
The ego starts knocking, louder and louder until it shatters your euphoria. Suddenly, your partner pulls away and you plummet into the depths of outer darkness feeling as though you have been locked out of heaven.

In complete shock as this cosmic discharge collapses all around you, closing the gates, as you fall farther and farther away from the entrance.

Blame, guilt and sadness encompass your entire being. You are bathing in it, swimming in it and there is no end in sight. Like dark room without a door, you cannot find your way out. Death has been dealt to your soul. There is nothing you can do. There is nothing that can be done.

And so you do the only thing you can do. You surrender.

You surrender to your pain and you surrender to yourself. Standing in the darkness, under the blanket of night, you find the light inside of you. It starts as a small hint of light, a spark and slowly you allow it to inflame and consume you until you are nothing but a star shining in the darkness of night. Illuminating the outer far reaches of space.

You have found the light once more, the love, the encompassing truth of your universal, eternal self and you are all that you are and will ever be. Without need or want of anyone else, for you are love itself.

Expressed through billions of unique vessels, you are the creation of your own imagination. Living each day through the creativity that lies within the soul. Our soul, the one soul, the one love. Piercing through the veil of illusion, mastering yourself and transgressing into the realms of higher vibration, of light and love.

It takes a level of spiritual maturity to hold this higher vibration. The temporary vibration you found through the fleeting glimpse with your twin. For now you see that you are the light, you are the love, mirrored through your every partner, reflected through your every relationship. Your every encounter on this plane.
And yet you wonder, you can’t help but question. Who was this being?. This twin whom has given you wings to new life.

How could it be that another, had the power to deal death to your soul and what was this twin flame union? Was it you, or was it your true existence, your true essence, that small glimpse of heaven shining through.

The synchronicities appear everywhere, manifesting into physical reality, with your every thought of the twin. You feel their emotions, you experience their joy and feel their pain as if it was your own. The dreams shared, leaving a lasting impression in your mind of time passed together on a higher level, an alternate reality, a higher existence. For this world is also real, as real as you living and breathing here, in this very moment.twin flame
Time passes and with each moment you hold your breath, feeling a knowing, that something BIG is about to happen and yet, it is an absolution that never comes.

And so you wait, having patience, exploring yourself more and more as each day passes. Healing your wounds of the separation. Keeping the faith and feeding from the memories of your ascension into the light. Seeking answers, looking for truth. Only to know that your experience was a once in a lifetime.

But maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a second chance.

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