What Love Is

 Love is two people meeting – innocent, and friendly.

• Love is growing up together – knowing every single detail of everything.
• Love is helping him get together with your best friend – it was fine, because you didn’t know it at first.
• Love is the night before graduation of high school – two kids, looking for excitement.
• Love is laughing it off the next day – saying it meant nothing.
• Love is months after at the beach – realizing you were both wrong.
• Love is sneaking out at night – when the entire world is asleep.
• Love is laying down for hours – looking at the stars, your head on his chest.
• Love is constantly wishing for time to stop – because in the morning, you’d have to suck it up and have a double date.
• Love is you breaking up with your significant other – because all you ever do is think about him.
• Love is him staying with her.
• Love is going out with all of your friends – everybody, him with her, and you, by yourself.
• Love is going home with someone else – hoping to forget.
• Love is him driving to “someone else’s” house – desperate to stop whatever would have happened.
• Love is him driving me home – nothing awake but the sun, and our tired eyes.
• Love is endlessly arguing – both agreeing that it would never work.
• Love is crying – because deep inside, there’s nothing in the world you’d rather have.
• Love is going back to normal – him with her, and me with my significant other.
• Love is him breaking up with her – I’m sorry for that.
• Love is finding out he’s moving to a different time zone – crushed, and depressed.
• Love is having our own lives – not seeing each other as much for a while.
• Love is him coming home for Christmas – with someone new.
• Love is your heart breaking in literally a million, tiny, pieces –she’s perfect.
• Love is hugging for an eternity – when nobody was looking.
• Love is you grabbing my waist – telling me to stay.
• Love is spending the entire night together – as if nothing has changed.
• Love is agreeing yet again that this would never work – crying myself to sleep.
• Love is me writing this – finally admitting that you’re the one I will always and constantly want.

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