Top 11 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs A Best Boyfriend

No more Tinder dates to run screaming from? Hello, Best Life Ever.

Relationship is a vast term and talking about it on a blog needs lots of efforts and time. Well guys we all humans has three kinds of relationship- blood, love and friends. I am taking our colleagues out of the list for many factors; we will talk about that WHY in some other time. So blood relations are created by god and we have no role choosing them, in love we all have expectation and that may leads to disappointments. BUT that doesn’t mean we should not love  or loving some one is bad. We choose them as we like them, we talk to them as we all love to and we remain with them as they except us as what we are!


So this time we have come up with our new editorial that is entirely based on love. Being more focused on women, we have created a list on 11 reasons why every girl needs a best boyfriend.

1. Shopping become fun

Is it like vo nahi jaayega to kaun jaayega saath mein? koi aur boyfriend leke aau kya? It is like a ritual or mandatory that boyfriends HAVE TO accompany their girlfriends everywhere. And the next obvious thing is that, the expense is all on boyfriend- This is the best thing I love about having a boyfriend!

2. You Want Someone To Listen To Your Nonsensical Talks!

Girls can get crazy thoughts anytime anywhere! Now they want someone to listen to their nonsensical talks and who can do this better than boyfriends? Boyfriend can understand his girlfriend’s kiddish talks and can also give the idea of how to catch ducks in the lake! Isn’t it funny?

3. With A Boyfriend You Can Share Dirty Jokes Without Getting Judged!

You know that you love him and he loves you too. That’s the reason why you believe that he will never judge you on your dirty talks or sex wali talks, talking bitchy about your friends and anything you believe that someone else other than him might misjudge you on such talks!

4.  You feel more protective

It is the best part in the editorials, having a boyfriend becomes more cute when he behave all more protective without being over possesive. That makes the relationship stronger and sweet.

5. You Can Try Every Wicked Thing With Your Boyfriend!

I always have some craving to do things that are wicked, evil or morally wrong! You can do every wicked thing with your boyfriend as he will never judge you, can add enjoyment to those evil wicked things and he will never make you feel like a unethical girl!

6. Your Boyfriend Is A Great Support!

You need someone to support your crazy thoughts. Be it your fantasy or some giggling wants your boyfriend is there to support you. When you know that you have someone who believes in your thoughts and fantasies (be it stupid or kiddish) you feel good and supported!

7. He is Always with you…

You always have someone to zip up the back of your dress so you don’t have to do that weird acrobatic arm thing. Even if it is probably good for your deltoids or something. It still blows.

8. A lots of selfies

There will always be someone to like your selfies. You can now post freely without fear of Zero Likes.

9. No more that boring Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is no longer a day of chalky candy-filled dread. It might be a day of excited joy or a day when you both do the same things you always do, but it holds no power over you any more, so suck it, VDay.

10. Couples costumes!

I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say I’ve had a lot of iDeAs about this lately, so the next person I date: I have a whole list of potential couples costumes.

11. Biggest critics and keeps you grounded

Well here comes our top slot in the editorial that is if you have BFF that is a GUY then you always have a chance to hear real comment on you. He will say all the ship about you and he will do the entire bitch, No matter what how hard is that for you to understand. It keeps you grounded every time you feel that you are doing great in life.

Go out for a lovely meal, come home, eat popcorn, chocolate and watch a couple of films whilst cuddling into each other. It sounds so cheesy, but it feels so nice to be a part of it. Then head on up to bed and have a serious love making session.

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