Reason why human eye cannot see ghosts

Spirits are a one on one experience, it depends on an individual whether he or she believes in them or not. Nobody really knows whether they exist or not, some people believe in them and their existence. There are many paranormal societies which research and believe in the existence of ghosts and spirits and have even captured them on photos & videos.

Spirits cannot be necessarily called ghosts; one can experience negative energy around them which they might confuse with a ghost too. There are many dimensions in which energies live in and as common people we do not know about what exists or not. Some people do have the tendency to sense spirits and ghosts more than others simply because of their sixth sense or enlightened sensing powers. Paranormal societies research about negative energies rather than ghosts and prove their existence by scientific ways. There are ways they try to connect and communicate with these souls or energies.

Starting from the scratch, how does a soul becomes a ghost (Bhoot)?

When a person dies, the soul leaves the body but because of worldly desires the soul continues to hover around in order to fulfill the wishes & desires and tries to communicate with the humans.

Evil spirits (Pret) are supposed to be a yoni in which a soul lives after the soul leaves the body to the phase of pind daan.

Why can’t humans see the spirits and ghosts?

A human body is made up of five elements; Earth, Fire, Water, Air & Ether. When a human is alive, the body is mostly of earth which enables us to see others easily. A spirit or a ghost has the air element more in them and is in gaseous state which is tough to see by us humans. That is why we can only feel spirits and not see them.

Where do they live?

Negativity attracts negativity; a ghost will always be felt in negative isolated places. Ghosts or spirits do not live in the same dimensions as we live in that is why they try to communcate with us which generally scare us but is the only way of communicating with us humans. All spirits are not negative, some of them are just trying to communicate while some of them are trying to harm us or use our bodies to come back to the world.

How to know if a body is possessed by a ghost or affected by it?

The eyes of the person will always be stable and stuck. He or she cannot open eyes fully and are often reddish. The body temperature is higher than normal. The person either eats & sleeps too much or very less. The basic nature of the person changes to being an adamant and angry person, & is often intense with almost everything. The person starts stinking too much


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