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9 Reasons Why Make Up Sex Is The Best Part Of Every Relationship

When your guy knows he screwed up, he also knows all the right ways to make it up to you.

So you just had a super, hardcore, blowout fight with your boyfriend. The kind where you’re totally right, he’s insane and no one is listening to you. When the dust clears (and he finally admits you’re right), then it’s time for the best part of all… make up sex! But why exactly is it the best? Well… for a lot of reasons! Eleven to be exact. And we’re not suggesting to start a fight on purpose but we’re just saying… make up sex ROCKS.


1. The sex always lasts longer than the fights

You know you’re just fighting for the sex when your orgasm lasts longer than the argument. Because it’s not about the fight, it never was. It’s about getting off. The fight is the foreplay, the heat, the sexual tension. You’re not fighting to solve something, you’re fighting to screw something.

2. You feel more connected to them than ever because you survived that bullshit fight. 

‘What can’t we get through?!’ champions coming out of the ring while high-fiving, sex is a very, very good kind of sex.

3. You want attention, not reconciliation

You don’t really care about what you’re fighting about, but you’re really good at acting like you do. Your screams aren’t of rage, but of sexual frustration. You aren’t trying to get an apology, but a trip to the bedroom. You’re more obsessed with the attention that comes with getting your clothes off than getting your point across, and you don’t care if that means conceding the argument or apologizing first.

4. It puts the dumb thing you’re fighting about in perspective.

Yes, this person does not do the dishes and when he does they are somehow still dirty, but also you love him and he goes down on you in a way that is probably best described in a power ballad by Adele, so whatever.

5. You’ll apologize first just to be on top

You understand that saying “I’m sorry” isn’t a sign of weakness, but an understanding that there are more important things in life… like sex. You don’t care if you have to be the one that caves first because you’d rather spend time between the sheets than not speaking out of pride.

You understand that every couple needs to leave egos at the bedroom door if it ever wants to have a reason to close it.

6. You don’t care about the words, just that their mouth works

It’s not about what they’re saying, but what they’re not saying. You aren’t looking for their side of the argument or their apologies, you just want to see their fight in the bedroom. While you may be listening to what they have to say, you’re unconsciously waiting for them to just stop talking and start undressing.

7. There’s only one way you want them to say “I’m sorry.”

You don’t need the classic apology and you really don’t need flowers. You believe that actions speak a lot more loudly than words, and you’ll take a good time between the sheets over diamonds or concert tickets any day. It’s not about the making up, but the getting down.

8. You can remember tonight as the night you had awesome sex.

And not as the night when you had the same argument you always have about why he is still friends with Greg even though Greg is the worst and he complains about him all the time.

9. It’s a great way to end a fight you had no idea how to end.

You ever have those fights where you don’t even know what you’re talking about anymore but you both seem really annoyed? Kissing the person aggressively is a great way to get away from what was probably a nothing-at-all disagreement and a move toward the bedroom to do it.

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