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Wife – Dream Interpretation

It doesn’t matter how many jokes have been written on wives, you know how important your wife is to you. She stands by you in the thickest and thinnest of your times and supports you when there’s absolutely no one else to trust in you.
Dreaming of your wife means that you need support in your life. Even if you dream of your ex-wife, it indicates the good memories you have spent with her, in which she showered immense love and support to you. You are in need of that sort of a support for yourself. Unfortunately, you are unable to get the help that you need and hence your conscience is missing that one person, who has always been supporting you.
Dreaming of your wife also indicates responsibilities. When you get married, both, the man and the woman, promise to take each other’s responsibilities and do their best. Therefore, if you are someone, who is taking care of all the responsibilities in an amazing manner, you’ll see your wife happy in your dream. On the other hand, if you see your wife sad or crying in your dream, it means that you have failed to do your duties as a husband.

Wife represents strength, support, help, guidance, friendship, responsibilities, family, health and wellness.
Dreaming of your deceased wife may have a deeper meaning; when you dream of a deceased person, it is nothing but a visit that he pays to you. There are a lot of things that are left unsaid, when an individual dies. Therefore, he pays you a visit by coming into your dreams. If your deceased wife comes into your dream, try listening to all those things that she tries to communicate with you.
Dreaming of feeding your wife means that you are a very kind and responsible man in your waking life.

Most Common Wife Dreams:
• Divorcing your wife – Such a dream depicts sadness or problems in the married relationship.
• Dancing with your wife – Such a dream generally improves your relationship with your partner.
• Making love with your wife – Such a dream means that your bond with your wife will strengthen even more.

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