She will never tell you those 11 secrets…Even If You Are Her Boyfriend

Yes, there are a few insider facts that ladies hide from men. Did you ever make sense of one? No, privilege? Since ladies are excessively keen, making it impossible to keep those secrets with them and excessively witty, making it impossible to let even her man know!


In any case, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. They love you the most and are happy to be with you. Nonetheless, by the day’s end, they are ladies first and your sweetheart or life accomplice later! She will investigate your eyes and let you know that she love you the most. But some secrets are there and will forever be a mystery for guys.

Try not to get discouraged, we simply made sense of probably the most fascinating and basic truths that your ladies may very well be avoiding you.

#11. Her best friend knows everything.



When her friend smirks at you knowingly, you are not imagining it. Sheknows. So just know that she knows, and deal with it. But don’t worry, your darkest secrets are safe with her.

#10. She sleeps in your T-shirt,when you are away from her.


secret 2

It reminds her your nearness and your love for her. She can feel you near hers.

#9. She wants you to talk a little dirty.

Yes, you heard right. She wants exactly she wants. So, go and learn some tips and tricks!


#8. She’s constantly testing you. 

When she asks you if you want to have a threesome, she doesn’t mean it. If you want her to speak to you again, let alone sleep with you after this conversation, the answer should always be, “Why would I want to sleep with another woman when I have you?”

#7. She loves it when you get a little jealous. 

secret 4

So if you ever see her flirting in front of you with the waiter, the bus driver, or another guy at a party, know she’s actually flirting with you—through him.

#6. She wants you to take control in bed.


Yes, she has a successful career, she’s financially independent, she lives on her own, and she doesn’t need a man to make her happy . She still wants you to pick her up, carry her to the bedroom, and take without asking.

#5. She don’t want to be your mother.


Even that thought gives us goosebumps! So, don’t even provoke her to become one. She will care for you, help you with all your problems, and stand by you as your life partner.


#4. When she says, “I’m ready,” she’ll need exactly 7 more minutes to get ready.

secret 5


Don’t try to cheat the system by showing up 7 minutes later; She will still need an extra 7 minutes.


#3. You’ve made her cry more times than you’ll ever know.

Awww, how you could be so rude? Don’t you love her?


#2. Dont be Over possessive, Man!

secret 6

She want you to be possessive but, only a little please!

#1. She like her male co-worker’s good looks.

Yes, she like their good looks, their attitude. But does that mean she feels for them. No. Never, boy..


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