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Winter – Dream Interpretation

It doesn’t matter which country you belong to, if you are a winter lover, you surely know everything about this season. It is all about frozen lakes, ice-skating, hot chocolate, warm cookies, hot soups and the beautiful Christmas!
Winter may be one of your most favorite seasons, but it depicts mourning and sadness. Most of the trees go barren during this season because they can’t bear the harsh whiplash of the chilly wind. Therefore, dreaming of winter is generally not a good sign.
Dreaming of being lost in the chilly weather of winter indicates mourning. You are still attached to someone who has died long ago. Stop punishing yourself in your waking life; you are not the reason behind that person’s death!
Dreaming of enjoying in the season of winter depicts your strength. No matter how hard life hits you, you surely know how to hit it back! You believe in keeping a broad and beautiful smile on your face to face any sort of a situation in life.
Dreaming of drinking hot chocolate in winter depicts your need for warmth in your waking life. This warmth is nothing but care from the ones you love.

Winter depicts harshness, calmness, silence, festive season, the season of lights and love, mourning, death, ending and detachment.
Dreaming of walking on an isolated path in winter means that you have always been alone in your life, especially when you really needed someone the most. Don’t worry – things may have always been difficult for you, but you have learnt to be self-dependent in life.
Dreaming of enjoying a winter’s day indicates happiness after the dark times that you are going through, at the moment. Your sub-conscious mind knows that these days of struggles will end soon and your hard work will pay off.

Most Common Winter Dreams:
• Freezing in winter – Such a dream depicts sadness in your waking life. You are doing through a tough time with absolutely no one to protect or help you.
• Helping someone in winter – Such a dream means that you can replace your bad Karmas by doing some good ones in your waking life.
• Enjoying the winter – Such a dream means that you are going to make your own ways in life and succeed.

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