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Wolf – Dream Interpretation

Not everybody loves this animal; there are only a few people who value the existence of wolves. Most of the people find it difficult to adjust with the presence of wolves around them, especially because they fear their presence.
Dreaming of a wolf may mean a lot of things. While wolves are scary, they are also known to smell fear and death. If you dream of a calm and silent wolf, it means that there are some mysterious powers surrounding you. It may also mean that you have certain unsolved puzzles or mysteries in your waking life. Are you trying to find out about a closed friend’s death? Do you wish to know about your lost diary? It can be anything!
Dreaming of a running wolf depicts a race with your enemies. If you have a lot of enemies in your waking life, you are bound to get such dreams. You are in a race with them. You are trying hard to conquer your fears and run against them in the race.
Dreaming of a howling wolf indicates bad news or even death of a loved one. It may also mean that it is time for you to mourn.

A wolf represents wisdom, mourning, death, fear, enemies, helplessness and failures.
If you dream of a wounded wolf, it means that one of your enemies is going to suffer big time. However, this suffering will not be caused by you, but by a common enemy.
Dreaming of a wolf attacking you means that you are going to be chased down by an enemy. BEWARE! This enemy may find it easy to pull you down and feast upon you.
Dreaming of feeding a wolf means that you are doing something wrong in your waking life, under the influence of someone else.

Most Common Wolf Dreams:
• Seeing yourself as a wolf – You are a very wise and intelligent person, if you see such a dream.
• Killing a wolf – Such a dream means that you are going to destroy your enemies.
• Chasing a wolf – The day you start making plans to trap your enemies in your waking life, you get such dreams.

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