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Woman – Dream Interpretation

A woman is someone who cares for you and holds you tightly, whenever you need someone to give warmth to you. She is a mother, a sister, a friend, a wife, a best friend and a lover. The most beautiful thing about any woman is that she is everything. Those men, who respect the women in their lives, gain immense success.
Dreaming of a woman depicts your feminine qualities, especially if you see a stranger woman in your dream. It is okay to dream of a woman you know, but if you dream of an unknown woman, it is essential for you to focus on your inner self. Just like a woman needs love and care, so do you. Your conscience is telling you to find someone who can help understand the meaning of true love.
Dreaming of being with a stranger woman indicates new friendships in life. If you see a happy woman, it may indicate beginning of a new relationship.
Dreaming of a stranger woman represents your inability to hold secrets. There are a lot of people, who believe that women are bad secret-keepers. Therefore, if you dream of a woman talking to someone you know, it indicates your fear of being exposed or your ill habit of not keeping the secrets!

A woman represents feministic attitude, beauty, social circle, secrets, psychic abilities, spiritual wisdom, companionship and healing.
Dreaming of a crying woman represents the sadness in your life. If you are a man, who dreams of a sad or crying woman, you are going through immense problems in your life, due to which your conscience is crying for you.
Dreaming of killing a woman indicates bad omen. You are killing a lot of your emotions or feelings.
Most Common Woman Dreams:
• A seductive woman – Such a dream depicts the sexual feelings in your heart. You are frustrated because you are unable to express yourself, sexually.
• Chasing a woman – Such a dream depicts your journey to find your inner or higher self.
• Being chased by a scary woman – You are trying to run away from your responsibilities in your waking life, if you see such a dream.

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