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World – Dream Interpretation

You may get a lot of different experiences while sleeping; the world is vast; you may travel in the universe, watching the entire world spin right in front of your closed eye-lids and may even see yourself in your own room.
Dreaming of the world is generally a positive sign, because it means that you are blessed with some supernatural powers. Of course, you can’t fly or breathe in water, but if you focus on your inner self, you can develop your spiritual self or sub-conscious mind to get answers to most of the questions in your life.
Dreaming of seeing whole world means that you have a keen interest in traveling. You generally see those places that you wish to visit in your waking life.
Dreaming of the end of the world means closure of a particular project. Even though you’ve tried your best to keep the project alive, it is just not able to give you what you are expecting out of it. Thus, you are now forced to put a full-stop to it.
Dreaming of a horribly spinning world indicates the struggles in your life. You are so engrossed in your busy life that you don’t realize how the time goes by.

The world represents people, relatives, friends, your lover, a specific person (who means the world to you), your kids, your family, struggles, time and astral traveling experiences.
If you see yourself traveling outside Earth, probably in the universe, there are chances of experiencing astral traveling. Such a journey is nothing but an out-of-the-body experience.
Dreaming of dancing around the world indicates happiness, which you generally feel when you are with your loved ones or lover.
If you dream of creating a world, it means that you are a very creative person; such a dream also means start of a family.

Most Common World Dreams:
• Kicking the world – Such a dream means that you are least bothered about the people around you.
• Playing with the world – If you dream of carrying Earth like a tiny ball, it indicates your attitude towards your life. You are a very careless person.
• Apocalypse – End of the world indicates destruction of a property that you possess.

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