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The World’s Most Beautifully Designed Banknotes

On November 8, 2016, what seemed to be an ordinary day, when citizens were wrapping up their work and heading home, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had news for the country. In his 40-minute address, the Prime Minister took a firm stand on ending corruption, black money and unauthorised cash flow by banning the 500 and 1,000-rupee denominations. This news made waves throughout India, especially considering the lack of a buffer between the announcement and the implementation. Amidst all this chaos, the nation witnessed the entry of crisp purple-clad 2,000-rupee notes.

In this article you will be seeing a lot of nice paper money that was/is in circulation. Now, we have gathered a very exotic collection of beautiful notes

A collection of the most beautifully designed banknotes from around the world.

1. Kazakhstan Tenge Notes

58047_b kazakhstan-2011-bill-10000-obverse kazakhstan-2010-bill-1000-obverse kazak5000

2. South African Rand

zar-10-south-african-rands-2 zarsaf100zar-200-south-african-rands-2

3. Dutch Guilder

dutch-1 dutch

4. Australian Dollar


australian-dollar-1 australian-dollar-2

5. French Polynesian Franc

french-polynesia-1 french-polynesia-3 french-polynesia

6. German Mark

german german-1

7. Costa Rica Colon

costarica-253f df0be5bb-5022-4c1d-b557-b29b954003f0

8. Italian Lira



9. Uzbekistani Som

uzs1_1994_back uzbekistan-1000-som-uzs-2001-asia-as-271

10. Indian Rupee



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