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Yoga – Dream Interpretation

There are millions of people around the globe who rigorously get into Yoga asanas to get rid of their obesity and keep themselves physically as well as mentally fit. The best thing about Yoga is that it also keeps your mind calm, along with maintaining your weight.
It doesn’t matter if you do Yoga in your waking life or not, there are chances for you to do Yoga in your dreams. Dreaming of doing Yoga indicates spiritual awakening as well as the need to connect with your higher self. Yoga helps you in building a non-detachable bond with yourself.
Yoga is known for the kind of peace it gives to you. Therefore, dreaming of performing any Yoga asana means that your conscience is trying to connect to you to give you some sort of peace in your waking life. You must take a break from all the hard work that you are putting in your current task and try doing some light Yoga asanas to connect with your higher self. There’s absolutely nothing else that can give you peace than talking to your own self.
Dreaming of Yoga is a blissful one, since it puts you to peace.

Yoga represents peacefulness, calmness, inner happiness, internal peace, higher self, connecting with the Divine Spirit, power and relief from stress.
Dreaming of doing Yoga represents your need to exercise in your waking life. Try taking out time to do cardio or some light weight exercises in your waking life.
Dreaming of Yoga may mean that your conscience is trying to tell you to take some time out for yourself because when you do Yoga, you connect with yourself. Solutions to all your problems exist within you; you’ve got to meditate to connect with your soul.

Most Common Yoga Dreams:
• Shav Asana – If you see yourself performing this asana, wherein you have to relax yourself completely without moving an inch, it means that you need a break from your tough and busy schedule.
• Pranayama – If you do breathing Yoga asanas in your dream, your health related problems will heal or you may go through some breath-related issues in the coming time.
• Happily doing Yoga – It is time for you to connect with yourself by doing Yoga in your waking life, if you get such a dream.

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