13 Fascinating Bangle Mehendi Design Ideas For You

Bangle mehendi design originated in the Middle East and has been practised by artisans all over the world. Bangle mehendi designs have gained popularity in the recent times and are increasingly becoming popular for the traditional and contemporary blend they have. These designs are extremely versatile and are perfect to flaunt for any occasion. They suit any style and can go with any attire as well.

Women from this era have a flair for designs that look classy and not complex. So in order to cater to their choice, artisans have improvised these designs to look sophisticated and alluring. These designs depict a piece of jewellery around the wrist, usually a bangle or a bracelet. Here we have sorted some of the most exquisite bangle mehendi design ideas for you to take inspiration from. Grab a look at some superbly stunning designs below.



This is a beautiful Arabic design. The bangle is designed using dots and lines and looks very elegant. The intricacy of the design is in the wrist work, which has minute details with minimal work on the fingers to put the focus on the wrist. A great design to draw out on your wrist for a sangeet.



This is a traditional Indian rangoli design inspired from the Arabic design. This bangle design is one of its kinds. Such a simple yet mind boggling piece of art to look at. If you prefer less fanfare, this design is just meant for you. This rangoli design is less ornamented and can look alluring on any occasion.



This bangle design mehndi for hands will surely catch your attention. The beautiful and colourful design has glitters used for fillings. The pink, blue, green and silver glitters are great for any occasion and for those who want their wrists to be colourful and glittery. Mehendi and glitter always make for an awesome combination.



This one is not for those who like simple designs. This one is a very pretty style with lots of detailing and shading. Florals and shades are very common in this design. This gives the effect of a large bangle on the hand. These kind of designs are superb and have a really unique style.



This floral bangle design has elaborate bangles, each of a different kind. The flowers and other petals add a little more jewellery to the design and cover the wrist completely. Such designs can be continued till the finger to form a ring, which will makes the overall design look spectacular.



This one is a traditional mehndi with a lot of detailed work. The different shapes and widths of these bangle designs add a unique touch. This is a great option for the brides because it is elegant as well as unique.



This bangle design is one of the best designs one can opt for. This design has no art work on the palm; it’s the back of the hand that has this beautiful design. The bangle is not like the usual bangles we have seen but more of a bracelet design with extremely well done borders and with beautiful curls giving it a royal look. This design sure is royalty at its best.



This bangle design is impeccably designed with a round shape in the centre which isn’t attached to the bangle. Though not being attached, the design looks extremely charming with the gap between the two designs. The work being floral still looks intricate and adds the required complexity to the design.



If you want to sport a bangle design and want it to be very simple, then this design is just meant for you. This is a tribal bangle design and is the simplest of all. You can look trendy and fashionable, keeping the traditional quotient intact. So go ahead and try this out right away.



This bangle mehndi is blend of a Bangle and Gujarati designs. This design looks absolutely stunning and can leave you spellbound. The work on the wrist is intense and exemplary. I am sure anyone would be bewitched with this design.



This kada type bangle design is perfectly chosen by every woman whereas; you can see this intricate flower mehndi pattern that adorns your wrist. This complicated mehndi style shows as kada style that is also bangle type but it is worn a single kada on a hand. Here, this kada mehndi design looks more appealing and magnificent.



This is splendid mehndi option for everyone and this modern look of mehndi design is filled with various elegances and really making perfect mehndi style statement. Apply this mehendi for every party and function.



For youngsters this mehndi style is always smart choice and this smart mehndi option really adorned by every girl who is fond of mehendi to wear usually without any program or occasion. This mehndi layout is chosen by those girls who want to get smartest getup every day only pick this mehendi design and style your hands.


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